Software for the static calculation of manholes, shafts and wells similar to ATV / DWA-A 127

Software acc. to ATV, DWA und DVWK

This calculation method for shafts and shaft constructions, as well as the static calculation of well pipes, is essentially based on the calculation method for the static calculation of pipelines specified in ATV / DWA-Arbeitsblatt A-127.Statik Betonschacht Stahlbetonschacht ATV DWA A127

The basis for the consideration for the static calculation of vertical shafts and well pipes was that they are subject to the same loads as horizontally embedded pipes. The different ground pressures cause a horizontal ground stress perpendicular to the raw axis, which load the shafts in the circumferential direction.
The methods for the determination of loads and stresses are therefore very similar to horizontal pipes. A working sheet of the DWA for the static calculation of shafts or wells is not available in the regulations.

Calculation options

Due to the possibility to select the material characteristics freely within the software, arbitrary shafts and well pipes, including new materials, can be calculated. Standard values ​​are stored in a material database.

We also offer you within the program the possibility to calculate coated and rehabilitated shafts to evaluate your rehabilitation concepts.

The program offers the possibility to optimize vertical manholes and well pipes with regard to the laying conditions, the material and the wall thickness in such a way that damage can be avoided, while the same function can save high costs and clear alternative solutions can be shown.

We would be happy to send you a free DEMO version.

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